Dog Training in Orlando, Florida.

Professional Dog Training by The Everyday Trainer

Dog Training in Orlando, Florida.

Professional Dog Training by The Everyday Trainer


As a member of our community, you’ll have access to expert trainers who are passionate about nurturing a strong bond between you and your furry friend.


Our podcast features seasoned trainers, veterinarians, and passionate dog lovers who share valuable tips, real-life stories, and answers to your burning questions.


From stylish and comfortable dog collars and leashes to cozy beds and fun toys, we have everything to keep your canine companion happy and tail-waggingly excited.

We Are The Everyday Trainer

The Everyday Trainer offers dog training to all of Orlando and surrounding areas.

We offer on-leash and off-leash obedience, board and trains, puppy training, and behavior modification.

We are Orlando-based dog trainers on a mission to create calm and confident dogs through a holistic and balanced approach.

Day Training

We specialize in Day Training programs for basic and advanced obedience.

Board and Train

Board and Train is very important in developing a confident and obedient dog.

Behavior Modification

Our behavior modification program covers all types of aggression, anxiety and unwanted behaviors.

Welcome To A World Of Dog Wellness

I believe that our dog’s behavior and physical health is a direct reflection of our relationship with them and their environment. After struggling with my own dog, I dedicated my life to better understanding our dogs and how we can live with them in a way that recognizes their natural way of being.

Today, I equip owners with the knowledge and tools needed to overcome behavioral issues and live a more healthy, balanced life with their dogs. My goal is to be the resource I wish I had when I first became a dog owner.

Why Choose The Everyday Trainer?

We believe training your dog is an important step, but what's even more important is training YOU and the continued support after training!

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Let’s talk about everything: dog behavior

Want to know the reason behind your dog’s aggressive behavior? Or why structure is SO important in your pup’s everyday life?

You’re not alone! Every Thursday we talk about interesting topics around the dog universe. Listen to conversations with experienced fellow dog trainers, behavioralists, dog owners and much more.

Listen to the podcast on:

Listen to the podcast on:

5+ Years Experience

Who Are We?

Our team consists of some of the top pet trainers in the industry who train the dog’s state of mind to address behavioral issues.

The Everyday Trainer believes there’s no one size fits all for training.

Each dog and owner are evaluated for issues, goals and wants. We customize each training package using a mix of marker training, free shaping, classical and operant conditioning to establish real world, measurable and reliable obedience .

Our Process Is Simple

We focus on owner training as much as dog training!

At our send homes, we spend 3 to 4 hours educating you on how to become the best dog handler! After your dog graduates, we offer multiple free training opportunities to strengthen your skills! ​

Well, what exactly do We offer after training for free?

Follow Up Lessons

If you choose to do a board and train program with us, you have free follow-up lessons to help you!

Pack Walks

Pack walks are an awesome way to work around other trained dogs in a controlled environment. During pack walks we will push you and your dog past your training comfort zone! We want you guys to be the best team possible.

Group Lessons

We hold scheduled group classes throughout the months. These are similar to pack walks, but we focus more heavily on obedience and relationship building between you and your dog.

Join our Pack

Once you become a client, you are part of The Everyday Trainer Pack. You will have access to our exclusive membership page filled with videos, courses, forums and a community of 350+ dedicated owners like yourself.

What If We Have To Go Out Of Town?

Join our Pack

Should you need to travel, The Everyday Dog House offers a welcoming stay for your pup. Here, they'll enjoy both playtime and beneficial refresher training sessions.

Ready To Take Full Control Of Your Dog?

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