Orlando Florida Day Training for Dogs

One on One Private Dog Training Lessons

About Our Day Training Program

Our Daily Training Program is a 4-week program that takes place Monday through Friday. Each day, your personal dog trainer will come to your house for 60 minutes to work with your dog. This training is designed to teach your dog the skills needed to live a calm + confident life with you. We’ll teach your dog how to walk with a loose leash, basic obedience (you know, like sit, down, and place) and address behavioral issues like pulling on leash, jumping, barking, and fearfulness- just to name a few. We love this style of training because it allows us to train your dog in the place they spend most of their time- in and around your home.


Each day, your dog will get a structured walk and an obedience session as well as weekly field trips to our favorite coffee shops, parks, and dog friendly spots near your home. Think of this like a Board and Train program without sending your dog away. While we don’t require it, you’re more than welcome to be there for all sessions.


With this training, you’ll receive our Everyday Slip Lead. However, if we decide to do E-collar training, the cost of the E-collar we use is $155. We use E-collar Technologies Mini Educator because it allows us to communicate with the dogs at the lowest possible level. E-collar training is for dogs 6 months and older.


Along with this training, you’ll receive our training guide, which will be available to you to read while your dog is training with us. This will get you familiar with our training for you to practice along with us during the training. At the end of each week your trainer will send you a training report to go over what you can practice with your dog while they’re with you. As a reminder, your dog will spend 1 hour a day with the trainer and the other 23 hours with you so the success of this training is in your hands- but don’t worry, we’ll teach you everything you need to know to keep up with the training while we are away.


The total cost of this training is $2800 and includes 20 lessons, our training guide, our slip lead, and weekly training reports. The first week’s payment of $700 is required to reserve your spot in our calendar and the remaining balance is due prior to the start of the training.

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